Isthmus. 4










The waves certainly look and feel larger and more powerful up close, all the jumping over waves and wetting our trousers are real fun out there, especially in a place as beautiful as Adventure Bay.


The film that I used here is Kodak Tri-X, with a red filter. As you can see, it has gone a little out of control, the contrast was a little too high. I suspect it is due to the scanning, and I should really scan it again to do these negatives justice.


On a side note, I have just finished 5 weeks of placement at Queenstown, at the west coast of Tasmania. The great wilderness out there is so very beautiful, I could see the way the landscapes were formed and how the glacier carved through the mountains, leaving behind large, open ravines and many glacial rocks. Thanks to the geography and weather (it is always, almost constantly wet there), there are many lakes and streams to explore and take photos. When luck is on my side, the sun shines between the clouds and adds colour and splendour to the already majestic landscape. The temperate rainforest there is also unique to Tasmania, it feels... Scottish to me. I always wind down my window and just breath the fresh, invigorating air of the beautiful forest. Now I can't wait to get the films developed!

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Film | Isthmus. 4
Bronica ETRS, Kodak Tri-X

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