Isthmus. 1

Bruny Island, Tasmania. 2013.

Isthmus (n): A narrow strip of land with sea on either side, forming a link between two larger areas of land.

The sandy isthmus of Bruny island, connecting the South and North islands, is a narrow stretch of land with 2 bodies of water on either side: the d'Entrecasteaux channel on one, and, faced by the Adventure bay, the Tasman sea on the other. The neck itself is an important breeding ground for small fairy penguins, which could be seen at dusk during breeding season.

Adventure bay in particular is incredibly beautiful, I feel that it is as pretty as the famous Wineglass bay on the East coast of Tasmania. The sand is fine and powdery, the beach is wide and vast, the wind is cool, the waves are gentle. It is an amazing place to be at.


The above photo is taken from Adventure bay. It is the sandy dune that every tourist climbs to experience the breathtaking view of the isthmus with seawater on either side. Taken with red filter, though, the hill is rendered solid and dark. The striking triangular shape of the hill stands out as almost artificial, almost too mathematical. The shape is contrasted by the organic form of humans and clouds in the photo, which takes a more fluid and free form. A darker mood is felt in this photo as a result of the fast-moving and low-lying clouds that pressure the scene, and also the darkness of the hill.

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Film | Isthmus. 1
Bronica ETRS, Kodak Tri-X

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