Isthmus. 2

1. The hill and the lookout platform.

2. The isthmus. One can see the interesting geography clearly from this vantage point.

3. Adventure Bay and Tasman Sea.



6. The vegetation-stabilised sandy slopes where little penguins dig their burrows.



9. Waves.

Adventure bay. A smooth, long stretch of sand that forms one side of the isthmus. Sitting quietly on the beach and forgetting all the stress in life, while resting my mind and enjoying the environment... This is one of the best form of relaxation a person can get, a rare opportunity to dissociate myself from rest of the worries of the world.


The photos here are bright and clean, just like the feeling that I want to convey. The sand is bright as snow, the water tranquil and gentle. I want to feel the place's peacefulness and calmness through the photographs, and that's done by making the photographs brighter and less contrasty.


A note on shooting with the Bronica: I noticed that it's not the best camera to shoot as you go, mainly due to the hassle of changing film. This is not helped by the fact that I was at this vast stretch of sandy bay with nowhere to put my equipment/ film without getting sand particles in my tools. The gentle breeze also sometimes bring sand with them, so film-changing was made even more challenging. Well, time to splash out on another film back...

Thanks for reading.

Film | Isthmus. 2
Bronica ETRS, Ilford HP5

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  1. This is clearly one of your best photo series. The ranges in background are very nice too. I used HP5 before but have never seen such picturesque, grainy midtone-highlight! They are very unique.

    I wonder what are the dune grasses called...

    Shooting on windy beach is tricky, I only used my weather proof DSLR because I can wash away the salt blast afterwards. Though film cameras don't have the issue of sand on sensor - you just bring all modules apart and then cotton swap them (tedious work though).