First Shoot: Bronica ETRS (III)





Two very different kinds of photography, action & landscape.

Obviously, this camera, without the motor drive/ vertical grip isn't made for action shots. Also, the focusing is geared for precision rather than speed: the distance scale is spread wide apart, which means that focus can be set accurately, but requires a long throw. I suppose this is necessary in medium format as any slight focusing error will be quite obvious when enlarged.

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Film | First Shoot: Bronica ETRS (III)
Bronica ETRS, Fujifilm Reala 100


  1. Was going to purchase a wide angle manual lens for action, but hesitated because of the "focus speed" by hand. I wonder how I would perform, maybe will try someday. I did however tried 50mm small aperture action shots with hyperfocal, not too difficult on SLR, but only works in sunny day.

  2. with 35mm SLRs, focusing is usually pretty quick, especially with wide angle lenses due to the shorter distance scales. Also with larger DOF it should be easier to focus too :)