First Shoot: Bronica ETRS (I)





When I first received my Bronica ETRS, it was as I expected: big, heavy and clunky in operation. The lens mount is so massive it fills the entire front façade; the mirror slap feels like it can flip the camera over; the lens is huge and heavy; the film back is interchangeable etc. Professional features are everywhere in this camera, it is evident that it has been well thought out and designed for professionals. For instance, the mount on the lens has 4 special small separations/ grooves for each bayonet claw- to negotiate the effect of thermal expansion and contraction (similar to railway tracks). The port for the threaded cable release is not on the shutter button like most 35mm cameras but on the side of the camera body- probably to prevent mechanical blockage of the cable release to the lenses. The lenses all have leaf shutter, which means that flash can sync at all speeds. It's easy to see why this is the wedding photographers' choice of camera, along with the Mamiya 645 (in the good old days anyway).

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Film | First Shoot: Bronica ETRS (I)
Bronica ETRS, Fujifilm Reala 100, Kodak Portra 400

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