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Yashica Electro 35 CCN, Foma Fomapan 400


  1. Photographs obtain new meaning when being juxtaposed to one another.

    Any experience to share regarding the use of Fomapan 400? I bought some rolls (also 100) but don't have any experience with them. If you also develop yourself, I'd like to hear about the developing process too.

    Cheers and keep the good work going,

  2. Haha to be frank I'm also a new user of Fomapan, was trying out this film to see how it compares against other films, since it's so inexpensive. Too bad I only bought a few rolls of it, and due to my mistake they were slightly underexposed, so I can't really accurately comment on the quality of the film.. Lol. However I read that it's a very lenient film and can give really good results while looking vintage, maybe due to the classic grain structure and its tonality.

    I haven't get to develop my own films yet, however I'm definitely looking forward to do it one day. :)