Europe 2011 | London

London, the city that's always cloudy.

That usually means bad news for me, and it really was. As it's the first destination of my Europe trip, I really wondered if I've brought too many rolls of film for the trip (30 rolls for a 20 days trip- it's really not many I'd say). However, thanks to Venice and Germany, I've finished all of my films right on limit, all 30 rolls of them. Anyway, weather aside, London is actually a very beautiful city, with lots of old, classic looking buildings that really show up London's immense culture & history.

I always have a thing for parks, I love the serenity, carefree-ness, relaxed atmosphere and soothing greenness of a park. And Hyde park is my favourite. It is so huge and so very pretty, you can land a jet on it.

However, due to the bad weather (I didn't bring many black and white films, regrettably), I didn't get to shoot much. I'd love to revisit London again and pray for a sunny day when I could hope to capture the splendour of this city.

Anyway, these are the shots of London from this trip, enjoy.

1. Another tourist?

2. Morning at Hyde Park.

3. Freedom, of the ordinary pigeon.

4. Hyde Park, with Royal Albert Hall in view.


6. Inside the British National Museum.

7. Red Guards. Pun intended.

8. The Big Ben.

9. London. Malaysian flag. (Opposite Trafalgar square)

Thanks for reading.

Film | Europe 2011 | London
Nikon F90X, Yashica Electro 35 CCN, Fujifilm Pro 160S, Fujifilm Superia 200, Agfa Vista 200, Ferrania Solaris 200

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