Reorganising Myself


Bathing is such a wonderful thing.

Rarely could I find a moment to stop down, relax, and just think of anything I want to think of. But when bathing, I could reflect upon my life and contemplate about it, just like meditation.

I find this immensely useful.

Just now I was thinking of my current situation which is in common with most young people of today- we simply spend too much time in front of the computer. The extent is so serious that I really think its an addiction- like drug addiction- that we find it hard to pull out from. My friend even sent me a news report claiming that this dependence is actually more harmful towards our health than smoking and alcohol. I also noticed that I'm constantly glued in front of my laptop, which is a serious worry.

So while still meditating in the bath, I made a decision.

I'm reaching out, and getting my life back on track.

把我生活   帶入正軌。


iPhone 4 | Reorganising Myself

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