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Ciao! Bonjour! As some of you may know, I'm currently in middle of a 3 weeks trip at Europe. How awesome is that!

As predicted, Europe is such a beautiful place, it's incredible. There are hints of immense culture & history in fine details of its buildings, and the people here are really friendly- especially the Germans! A little surprising, eh?

It's a pity that I do not have a routine of writing diary and I'm starting to forget things now. But fear not, I have tonnes of photos to remind me of them and narrate back to you! As it's my first time shooting primarily film when travelling, I didn't bring too many films- just 28 rolls of them. A lot? I've seen people who brought 150 rolls of films for a 2 weeks trip to Tibet!

Anyway, it's a bit late here. I must admit that the jet lag has never really recovered from me, as I always feel tired and exhausted at about 8pm everyday. But luckily it's winter, which means the sun sets early and rises late- so I can sleep a little bit longer and go to bed earlier.

I'm currently at Trier, Germany as I'm writing this blog post. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day- I'll travel to 3 different countries: Luxemburg, Belgium and France- all in one short winter day. Let's hope that the weather is good for photography!


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