2012 Malacca. 2








I missed that photo opportunity in photo no. 7. Oh that heartbreaking feeling of missing a shot...


On a side note, I am currently itching to shoot. I haven't been shooting for a long time already, my cameras are slowly collecting dust. Hopefully not growing mould yet. But now, every fibre in my body wants to shoot, my mind is constantly telling me to grab my camera, go out, and take photos...

I've been watching the art of photography's podcast again recently, and I must say that Ted Forbes really is an amazing, informative, passionate presenter. I very strongly recommend his videos to anyone who loves photography. He doesn't/ seldom talk about gears and pixels, but instead focuses on issues that really matter in photography like studying composition and other master's works. His recent talk about composition and colour theory really got me thinking and I'm itching to experiment and put these thoughts into practice.

On the other hand, I've came across a few incredibly good Japanese photographers recently. Nope they're not the famous ones like Moriyama or Araki, but their photos are inspiring. The combination of high key, low contrast, square format and minimalism really clicks with me. The photos are bright, uplifting, and wonderful. They photograph objects and people of their daily life, like their visual diary. Also, something about the square format that really attracts me. Is it the balance? or something else? I don't know. All I know is, I love square format. And these amazing poeple's photos. (Check out the links at the sidebar, I've linked every single amazing photographer that I've came across)

Thanks for reading.

Film | 2012 Malacca. 2
Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim, Fujifilm Superia 400


  1. I listen to Ted Forbes too and admire a lot of those japanese diarist photographers, their family photos are just mesmerising.

    You will get better pictures, keep it up!

  2. Thanks man :) I really like the candid nature of those photographers' photos, and their composition, simplicity etc., truly amazing..